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Eolas Technology

The Client Brief:
Eolas Technology had recently updated their logo and website and wanted to incorporate their new visual identity into their print work.

The Snap Solution:
After a design consultation with Snap, it was agreed to go with an iPad type layout for their new brochure. This was decided on for a number of reasons. It was felt that the design style helped re-enforce the company’s attitude towards embracing new technology. Also, the layout would be unique and eye-catching for presentations and as the finished tri-fold brochure would be printed on a heavy stock, it could act as a free-standing piece and encourage people to pick it up. The tri-fold brochure also suited the project as it was to be used as an introductory piece so it would be relatively light on information.
The design of the brochure does reflect both the look of an iPad and a number of other web elements such as large rounded buttons for headings and app like graphics re-enforcing the connection to the Eolas Technology website.

The colours used in the brochure were pre-determined by the client’s logo. The challenge here was to strike a balance between the black of the iPad and the orange of the logo without the design becoming too jarring or off-putting.
Also, the circuitry image used throughout the background is another nod to the customer’s technology-based industry as well as tying to the other web elements. It was felt that the circles and rounded lines tied in nicely with the look of the logo. However, this was used sparingly as a background image as it was thought it could affect the legibility of the text if it was over-used.

The Results:
In the end, the customer was very happy with the finished piece and they have been receiving positive feedback on it over the past few months.

The finished tri-fold brochure was printed full colour on 250 GSM matt stock and then scored and folded to its finished iPad appearance.

Date: 10/07/2014 11:10:19
Tags: Brochures, Print