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Irish Life

The Client Brief:
Irish Life had a stylish event taking place based on The Great Gatsby and they were looking for unique, classy invitations for the occasion

The Snap Solution:
Snap produced the featured invites for Irish Life. They were digitally printed, gate folded and personalised. Originally, Irish Life was looking to do a gold foil with the invite but due to the tight turnaround time, Snap instead suggested a stylish organic cotton envelope with a gold flex. This worked perfectly.

The Results:
The event was a success and Irish Life was keen to give the attendees a memento from the night so they went back to Snap for ideas. Snap digitally printed photos of the attendees arriving at the event and also personalised the prints so that each guest had their name added to the photo. The photos were framed and handed off to Irish Life to present to the invited guests.

Date: 10/07/2014 12:11:07
Tags: Direct Mail, Print