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Client Brief:
To create window graphics to make people more aware of everything the shop does and attracts new customers. Before this, the shop didn’t have any strong advertising to the point where people thought it had closed.

The Snap Solution:
Snap looked at the logo and the other colours the company used. We thought that the bright colours were fresh and upbeat and the logo had a round friendly feel. We created different icons from scratch for each of their products (coffee, sandwiches, pizza, salads etc.) to show exactly what a wide range of food was available inside. We also wanted to promote other services such as their corporate catering and student discounts.

We put all these elements in to bright round circles to keep in the style of the round typeface of the original logo and kept the illustrations very simple as we felt that making things very detailed would stray away from the style of the original branding and the simple approach to food that the company has.

Lastly, the client wanted to promote their free seating upstairs so we took a literal approach and created a graphic of couples sitting at tables having a meal and repeated it to make it look busy giving the impression that MYO was a great place to have lunch.

Date: 10/07/2014 11:58:01
Tags: Print, Signage