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Youthwork Ireland

Client Brief:
To create multiple deliverables for their ongoing campaign and fundraising events throughout the year. Snap was simply supplied with a logo and some photos from which the client wanted us to create materials that showed the energy they bring to their company and the positive effect that their work with young people can have.

The Snap Solution:
We wanted to keep the focus on the brand's colours in these pieces. We felt that the vibrant colours would be a good representation of the positive attitude that the organisation has but we also wanted the design to be clean and structured to show that Youthwork Ireland are a well established, professional agency and to try and encourage donations to the organisation.
The client also wanted the pieces to appeal to young people too and tell them why they should get involved so we introduced some rough type and the tagline “Be Part of It” to try and achieve this. We also made good use of the photos to show the amount of activities that the company is involved in.


Date: 10/07/2014 12:54:45
Tags: Personalised Products, Promotional Products